Beaches in the Area




The Region of Murcia offers thousands of possibilities for every option, and beaches are not an exception. Here you have infinite ways of living and enjoying the Costa Cálida; with this objective, we have prepared for you a selection of beaches so that you can choose where to go depending on your taste, your needs or how you feel like spending the day: with children, playing sports, going to a nudist beach or to a wonderful virgin setting. Golden sand beaches, natural settings, localities with a rugged coastline, no-name coves and shores, accessible and busy popular ones. Everything for everyone.
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Beaches for children

Summer is here, and the youngest members of the family can't wait to make sand castles and jump waves. In the Region of Murcia, we have wonderful fine sand, warm, shallow beaches, where different activities ...
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Beaches to spend the day on

It is hot and you suddenly decide to get away to the beach to have a dip and spend the day there. But you haven't prepared anything. No problem: you just need to go to any of the numerous beaches in the ...
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Accesibles beaches

This summer, everybody is going to the beach. And when we say everybody, we mean it: families with prams, elderly people, disabled people... We have in the Region of Murcia several beaches with accessibility ...
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Naturist beaches

The Region of Murcia also has an important number of naturist beaches which are extraordinarily beautiful. They allow you to enjoy and respect nature, and to discover many wild areas. They are usually ...
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Wild beaches

The Costa Cálida also has unspoiled beach settings, which do not get crowded, where you can place your beach umbrella and your beach towel without trouble. You will discover beaches and coves with their ...
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Sports beaches

Going to the beach doesn't necessarily mean lying down and sunbathing. We invite you to enjoy our sports beaches, where you can play football, beach volleyball, yoga, pilates, aerobics, gymnastics, jogging ...
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'Q for Quality' beaches

When going to the beach, you should also look for quality. And you will definitely find it in the Region of Murcia. At the Costa Cálida there are 25 beaches which have been awarded the 'Q' for Tourist ...
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Nautical Activities at the Costa Cálida

By enjoying nautical sports you will appreciate the Region of Murcia's mild weather. Our region is the perfect destination to enjoy active tourism in winter as well as during the summer, since ...
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If you're going with family or friends, as a couple or alone... We have beaches of all types, from small and hidden coves to long stretches of fine sand, and to top it off, they are spread out over two seas. Don't worry, we have the beach you are looking for!
The beaches of Calblanque, known for their long stretches of golden sand, secluded coves, crystal-clear waters and untouched nature, will make you forget anything to do with tourist resorts and mass-tourism. Enjoying a horseback ride near the shore, hiking along the Mediterranean or kite surfing are some of the most popular activities of this area, which is also the starting point for various footpaths.
Calnegre Beach, in Lorca, is one of the most privileged corners of the Spanish coast with its blue waters and fine sand, not forgetting and its sustainability. You will find this heaven on earth in the village of Ramonete, appearing like an oasis between cliffs, fossil dunes and vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean world.
Those who would like to enjoy the beach without clothes, can find a number of alcove areas of extreme beauty, hidden away from on-lookers. If you're a nature lover or if you'd simply like to be free for a day, we recommend you visit beaches such as Portús, in Cartagena; Cueva Lobos in Mazarrón or La Llana in San Pedro; all perfect places for nudism.
Cala Cortina is an urban beach in Cartagena. To access to it, you only have to pass through a tunnel and... there you go! A wonderful Mediterranean cove will appear before you with a play area for kids, a boardwalk, hammocks and umbrellas. Besides enjoying a refreshing swim, you can go out for tapas or go fishing and diving.
Where the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean join, lies the beach of La Llana that is different than all the others. Protected by the Regional Park of Las Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar, this mile-long and precious beach remains in its primitive wild form and looks on to the Mediterranean. Ideal for nature lovers.
Waters that are transparent, calm, lukewarm and shallow... Mar Menor's waters are ideal for swimming with younger members of the family. As well as for water sport lovers and for the elderly, since many of the waters are located near coastal footpaths, they are easily accessible and are ideal for all sorts of activities.
The most unique thing about the beach Amarilla de Águilas is the colour of the sand from which it takes its name. Another unique quality is the transparency of its waters and also its position, facing south and protected from easterly winds by the Island of Fraile, separated by a narrow channel with a width of a little more than 50 m and 1.5 metres deep. The surrounding area has a wealth of archaeological remains and is a meeting point for all types of recreational watercraft during the summer months.
The beach of Percheles is hidden within the coastline of Mazarrón and surrounded by a fantastic area of hills and mountains. Isolated, with fine, grey sand, it's perfect to relax in the shade of the palm trees. It's one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, particularly when the sea is calm. The sunrise here is a real spectacle.
Miles and miles of completely untouched coast await you in the Regional Park of Cabo Cope. Only after a long walk along footpaths and impressive cliffs, will you get to these idyllic and secluded coves with transparent waters which are full of life. Intimate and unchanged, this coastline is one of the best kept secrets of the region and a real gift to whoever discovers it.
La Manga possesses something that you won't be able to find anywhere else: 44 km of beaches distributed between two seas, the Menor and the Mediterranean. Even though each beach is different, they all share common features, such as the thinnest sand and crystal-clear waters. These never ending beaches, without waves and the most peaceful waters you can imagine, are ideal for water sports at all levels, such as sailing, diving and kite surfing.